23 Mar

Evidentiary Services is the trusted PI firm in Saint Paul for over 30 years.

When you come to the place in life where you need an effective, professional private investigator company Saint Paul can back, Evidentiary Services provides state of the art tools to execute private investigations that bring results. We continually develop and convey inventive private examination arrangements that empower us to give you solid and exact data.

Our accomplished private investigator company Saint Paul can trust handles a wide assortment of investigations. Whether you’re concerned with issues such as burglary, pyramid schemes or different sorts of fraud, blackmail, or harassment, we have the sources and the ability to get you answers and recuperate your advantages rapidly.

Your private investigator company Saint Paul experts utilizes every possible tool, from physical observation, to covert operations, to specialized observation countermeasures and all modern technology to build the most bullet proof case for our clients. We know that a sloppy investigation can cost our clients money, time and potential unnecessary heartache. Evidentiary Services has served Saint Paul and Minneapolis for over 30 years as experts in private investigation. And our reputation speaks for itself.

Regardless of your need for a private investigator company Saint Paul can point to and recognize favorably, Evidentiary Services is a well equipped, highly trained, full service private investigation firm in Saint Paul. You really don’t want to waste time with amateurs or those who just don’t have the same experience. Even if you get a cheaper rate, you still may end up paying more in the long run, because it took inexperienced investigators more time. You really have to consider how heavily experience, or lack thereof can make or break an effective investigation. Working with Evidentiary Services means you get professional care and things are done right the first time. Call us now at 651-344-7644 or contact us online to get started with your investigation. Get peace of mind.

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